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Hi, I'm Jolanta and I help people lose weight

Does it seem like you have tried countless methods to lose weight and failed at every single attempt? Do you find yourself lacking balance and harmony in life? Well, good thing - you are at the right place.

Over the years of working in providing support for people with eating disorders and general psychological support and observing my own experiences/surroundings, I have discovered and perfected various methods to help people achieve physical and mental harmony, lose weight, increase self-esteem and reach the ultimate state of happiness.

You do not have to stop eating or worry about the calorie count or going to the gym. My methods are focused on mental and physical balance and overall wellbeing that results in naturally achieved slimming.

Achieve balance and harmony with the help of time proven philosophies


It is based on 5000 years of traditional science and is designed to balance the body in order to heal itself. Its base of knowledge was recorded in a large body of sanskrit literature that originated in India, called the Vedas.


In many different cultures it is believed that a human life simultaneously exists in two parallel dimensions. Think of Chakras as they were a gateway to your parallel-self for achieving balance of mind, body and spirit.


It is a Northern tradition, a practice that helps you reach altered states of consciousness, open the channel to the spiritual world. It teaches you to respect. It brings harmony between body, spirit and nature.

Lectures and prices

All of the lectures are designed for every student individually and they consist of two parts:

  • An interview with the individual and a consultation
  • Main course consisting of customized teachings

This package of both parts is priced at £50.

These two courses are enough to start your journey and enjoy slimming/balancing your life. However, support and counseling throughout the process is also available if required. Each session is customized to suit the case, therefore do not hesitate to contact me for more information - I am happy to discuss yours.

Disclaimer: The teachings are purely based on suggestions and guidance, which means that the effectivenes may vary from person to person. However, they did appear to help for everyone who followed my advice.

The sessions are also available in the English, Russian and Lithuanian languages.

Get in touch!

Are you interested in booking a session? Or you just simply have questions? I will try and answer all of them as soon as possible.

To do so, you can use the email form on the website. Alternatively you can use the contact details below:

Tel: +44 7711 900906


If booking a session, you can start with self-introduction in which you could include your current weight, height and motives.

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"Wow, Jolanta, Thank you so much for changing my life!

I've always been a big girl and was always know as the funny fat one at school. I've tried endless diets and weight loss pills. I would lose some weight, feel great but then just pile it back on when I went back to normal eating. I just ended given up and tried to accept I would always be a big girl. Jolanta changed my life! Not only is she so lovely and friendly but she made me feel so welcome and made me feel so positive within myself! She taught me the secret which completely changed my life style.

If I can do it, so can you! I am now happy, confident and no longer the big girl."

- Lucy N.

"Such a wise and wonderful woman, she really does know her stuff. Great knowledge about the psychological and physiological effects that can occur wihin our bodies and minds, and how the way we live our daily lives affects us.

Motivational and inspirational with the ability to keep you intrigued and wanting to know more. Jolanta has taught me so much, with ther calm and gentle ways she teaches the importance of loving and being kind to yourself. She ill helo you master all ares of development.

Definitely recommend this beautiful lady, a sound that is perfect to guide you with looking after your mind, body and spirit."

- Lucy S.

"I’ve had weight problems for years, which not only caused me a lot of anxiety, I also suffered from lack of self-esteem which negatively affected my social life.

Things started slowly changing when I met Jolanta. First of all, I have learned to love myself the way I am and I gained more self-esteem, she showed me the roots of my weight problem and it became obvious on how to deal with it. Following Jolanta’s advice was easy and it didn’t require a lot of effort to accommodate my daily routine of rituals, but the effects were mindblowing.

In about two months I have lost 20 pounds and my journey hasn’t stopped there. I effectively keep losing weight and periodically book a session with Jolanta which helps me keep inspired and motivated.

Many thanks, Jolanta!"

- Andrey T.